We’ll always have Paris.

Wine. Rachel couldn’t think of any other liquid that could quench her thirst better than a 2005  bottle of Château Barreyres. It was her favorite, ever since the time she had snuck a bottle from her Father’s collection, back to her bedroom the night of her fourteenth birthday. She’d  divided it between her five best friends, pouring small amounts into some plastic cups she had also picked up on the way back from the wine cellar. She remembered how their faces had twisted in disgust upon the first sip, but the Red Bordeaux slid down her throat like silk.

“Wine will always taste better in Paris,” Frank said, swiveling his glass under his nose.

“Cheers to that,” Rachel smiled, raising her glass before taking a sip.

The two had been in France for a week, working on their joint project Autumn Falls. The best selling novel, now almost a movie, seemed as if it would prove to be their most successful project yet. However, to Rachel, this movie was bringing a lot more to her life than just the heavy paycheck. It also included many uninterrupted hours of time with Frank Marshal. Although she hated to admit it, she was completely head over heels for him. Frank was smart, intelligent, and romantic. His smile made her knees go weak, and when she was with him she went dizzy with bliss. The fact that they had only been dating for three months, and Rachel was this in love didn’t scare her friends nearly as much as it did herself.

Peeling her gaze away from Frank, she turned her head towards the busy streets of Paris.  Seated on the balcony of Frank’s gorgeous hotel room, they had a great view of the city below. The street lights were dim, but you still managed to make out everything. From the arguing couple seated on a park bench, to the street artists painting the french women passing by. The lack of light made the setting romantic, which is one thing Paris will always do right. Maybe I’m not in love with Frank, Rachel mused, maybe I’m just in love with Paris. 

It could be true. France had been one of her favorite places since childhood. She felt at home in the country, more so than ever did in America or Australia. French rolled of her tongue easier than English, and she couldn’t get enough of the food. If Rachel was honest with herself, she wouldn’t mind missing her flight home. She’d stay in Paris forever.

“You’re beautiful.” Frank said, pulling her out of her thoughts.

Rachel turned back to him, she felt the heat rise in her cheeks. So are you. She wanted to say, but she knew the comment would only ruin the moment. He did, however, look rather beautiful. Or to put it in a more manly term: handsome. With light brown hair, hazel eyes, and Rachel had to admit his face must have been sculpted by an artist. It was just so… chiseled? She felt herself blush again, embarrassed by the thought. This was what he did to her. Every second spent with Frank was both glorious and nerve racking. He made her feel like a schoolgirl with a crush. Which was quite annoying because even when Rachel was a school girl her crushes never had an affect on her like this one did.

Frank reached over and laid his hand on hers, and before she knew it they were kissing. She felt herself slipping into a dream like state as her hands laced through his hair. He pulled his arms around her waist and started to smile between kisses. “Rachel,” he breathed, breaking away from the kiss, “I- I love you.” He looked down, and took another breath. “I know this might sound insane, but honestly? I couldn’t see myself with anyone else, ever. You’re it for me Rachel, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Frank reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a little black box. Slowly he opened it to reveal a silver band, the diamond was encased in small silver petals, resembling a rose. It was stunning.

Everything seemed to stop for a moment. The music playing from the streets bellow, the flashing yellow light on Frank’s blackberry, even her heartbeat had paused. He loves her! Her and nobody else! She found herself wanting to scream with joy, and cry all at the same time. This wasn’t a school girl crush, and this man was most certainly not Zac, Jackson, or Collin. He was the guy she wanted to move in with, and marry. The one that she could never, for even a second imagine loosing interest in. He was the one that every heartbreak had led up to. And she loved him, completely, wholeheartedly, without a shadow of a doubt.

“I love you too,” she smiled, “You’re it for me, Frank.”


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If you even take the time to read this whole thing, pleas accept a HUGE thank you. I know WordPress has started to dwindle down, and I feel hardly anyone is active anymore. Well, who would have thought I’d end up having Rachel tie the knot? This is a really sentimental post for me because I feel like it’s an official close to Rachel’s life as not only a STAR, but as just as a young adult. She’s an adult now, she’s about to get married, and I guess the character is just a little out of my league. Not to say that I won’t eventually end up trying to carry on her life as Mrs. Marshal, because if inspiration strikes I totally will! I just think it was time to give WordPress a final goodbye, for both myself, and Rachel Woodlands.

I hope WordPress will come back and be as lively as it was when I first started, for both the newcomers and the ones still writing.

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Rachel Grace Woodlands.


Sophie. Wedding invitation


New Blog!

Hi, everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that I have created a new blog: https://marinatmidnight.wordpress.com/ . This blog is about Marin Harte, a girl who just moved to Salem, Massachusetts. Where she finds that things aren’t always what they seem.

I’d really appreciate it if you guys decided to go check it out!


Rachel Woodlands

As always

I was running late, as usual. I bit my bottom lip in frustration, as I tried to unlock the door of my Audi, while balancing my bag, briefcase and heaps of folders. Once I finally settled in the drivers seat, I clicked the Garage opener. As the garage door slowly slid open, it revealed the white outdated Camaro that belonged to my neighbor. It was conveniently parked right in front of my car, making it impossible to back out.

That was it, this day was going terrible, and I was about to lose it. “Stanley!” I screeched, throwing open my car door and stomping over to his front door. “Stanley, open the door now,” I yelled banging on the door. A few seconds later the door opened, and out stepped a shirtless, Stanley, with his annoying, cocky, grin.

“Hey neighbor,” he smiled, giving me a once over.

“This is the third time! How many times do I have to ask you to quit parking right in front of my garage?” I asked.

“What? no good morning?” He chuckled.

“Stanley,” I said through gritted teeth, “move your car, now.”

The urgency in my voice must have caught his attention, because without another word he pulled out his keys and started towards his car. Stanley was the most aggravating man on the planet, he was constantly throwing loud parties, forgetting to park in the right parking space. And there was the occasional night where he would be so plastered, that he’d stand at my door singing old country songs. Ava thinks it’s charming, all I could think when his ballads woke me up in the middle of the night, was how annoying and out of tune he was.

Charming? definitely not. Irritating? Oh yes.

“You’re too fast paced for California Rachel, why don’t you get back to your New York roots?” Stanley said, rolling down his car window, and giving me an arrogant smirk.

“Talk to me when you learn which garage is yours,” I winked, heading back to my car.

My first thought when I laid my eyes upon Frank Marshall, was that he was painfully handsome. So handsome, in fact, for a split second I felt my knees buckle. My dad had said he was a new, and successful, director, but he had conveniently left out the part about him being closer to  my age, than his own. Sneaky, dad, very sneaky. Frank wasn’t your conventional type of good-looking, no, he was so much better. He looked like he just stepped out of some black and white film, where he played along side Elizabeth Taylor, or Audrey Hepburn. A man of both looks, and intriguing wit, that only came with travel.

“Sorry I kept you waiting,” I breathed, as I took the seat across from him. It had taken an additional thirty minutes for me to get to Woodlands PR. Although, had I known what Frank Marshall looked like before then, I might have pressed that gas pedal a little more.

“Normally I would be a bit offended,” he smiled, “but in this case, I’ve found waiting around for you, to be quite a pleasure.” He must have seen me blush, because right after this, he followed up by complimenting my staff at WPR, for their attentiveness.

“Well thank you,” I chuckled, “now it seems that we actually have business to attend to.” I almost surprised myself with the comment, after meeting Frank I almost forgot the importance of this meeting. Frank was directing a movie for a rather popular book called Autumn Nights, and thankfully, through the recommendations of my father who was producing the movie, reached out to me to help with casting. This opportunity was huge for my agency. If I was able to make one of the actors that I represented the next Jennifer Lawrence, or Kristen Stewart, WPR would become one of the top PR firms that worked in both entertainment and fashion.

For about an hour, Frank and I threw around a bunch of names that we envisioned being casted for Autumn Falls. Occasionally throwing in a flirty comment just for fun. We watched countless numbers of recorded monologues that WPR kept on it’s clients. Until we finally settled on a list of people we were going to call in for live auditions.

“Rachel,” he said, catching my arm just as I was about to leave. “If you’re not busy tonight, I’d really like to buy you a drink.”

I knew better than to say yes, If there was one thing I learned from moving to Los Angeles, it was that mixing business with pleasure was not always a smart choice. Maybe it was the excitement of this new project, or the way Frank was looking at me. Probably both. I ignored my common sense, and replied with a simple, and confident ‘yes’.


For anyone who might not know, this was the second part to my previous post, Late Engagements.

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Rachel Woodlands

Late Engagements

Light seeped through the blinds of the window in my guest bedroom. There was something different about the way the sun lit up through this window, it made me feel as if I was still in New York. I missed it sometimes, but I guess that’s how every young adult feels, missing but unwilling to go back. It would be like regressing, as if I were taking one very large step back.

My life was great, better than great, actually, it was amazing. I was a successful agent, living in the beautiful state of California with my best friend, who also happens to be my little sister. Most of all, I was independent. It seems crazy after spending three years in boarding school, then an additional four in college, that I was still so excited about not having to answer to an authority figure. Except of course, when my mom comes to visit. Which I don’t really mind, because it’s usually only for a week, and she likes to do my laundry.

“Did you sleep in the guest room again?” Ava asked, stepping through the door. She had on a baby blue sundress that’s length was borderline appropriate. Her buttery blond curls were up in a high pony tail, and her red lips were pulled into a giddy smile.

“Maybe,” I said pushing myself up, “why are you all dolled up?”

“Date, this guy in my political science class asked me to lunch,” she smiled, spinning around a few times. It was funny to me that my sister was now nineteen, but still possessed the ability to make silly look more powerful than juvenile.

“Lunch? Oh gosh, what time is it?”

“Like, half past eleven,” she giggled sitting down on the edge of the bed.

My eyes went wide, oh no, no, no, no, no. I jumped out of the bed and grabbed my phone, punching the contact icon for my assistant. “Jenny,” I whaled, while running into my bedroom and straight for my closet, “I need you to call Frank Marshall and tell him I’ll be late to the meeting.”

“You’re kidding,” she snorted, “Rachel, this is your biggest deal of the year.”

I was knee-deep in a pile of wedges, when I stopped. “I know that jenny,” I grumbled. Grabbing my tan Michael Kors, with the thin straps. Ava waltzed into my room, with a graphic tee, and jeans in hand. She tossed them at me with a wink. ‘Thank you’ I mouthed, clutching the clothes, and trying to balance my cell phone in the crook of my shoulder.

“Rachel this isn’t like working with your dad, you can’t just-“

“Move the meeting back an half and hour,” I said, “I promise I’ll be there on time.”

“Alright, but remember no coffee, it makes you jittery. Get green tea, and don’t forget to print off your casting recommendations.”

“Got it, see you then.”

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Rachel Woodlands.

New Beginnings

Rachel bit her bottom lip, savoring the taste of her strawberry daiquiri stained lips. She turned away from the bar and surveyed the room for Jackson, then spotted him standing by a girl with light blonde hair, obviously trying to pick her up. Jackson glanced over and gave her a wink, then turned and led the girl to out the door of Faze, Rachel and Jackson’s favorite nightclub in LA. Guess I’ll have to be finding a new designated driver, Rachel thought taking another sip of her drink. She turned back around and caught glimpse of a Broadway poster plastered on the wall she was facing, she smiled thinking of the last show she had attended to support Rory, a regular now in the musical theatre scene. Her thoughts drifted to the other STARS, Serena who after graduating early at Brown, continued modeling and became a Guess girl. Taylor moved to England in order to be apart of a world-renowned riding program. Sadie was finishing up her last year at Stanford after taking a year off to dance with the New York Ballet. The STARS spent an amazing summer traveling Europe after senior year, even though parting was difficult, Rachel knew that distance posed no threat to their unbreakable friendship.

As for Rachel, well she was living the dream. Residing in sunny Los Angeles, she had started up her own PR firm a few years after graduating at the top of her class at NYU, and now represented some of the most well know celebrities in Hollywood. Rachel was currently sharing a rather large town house with Ava who had recently graduated Waverly Academy, and was attending USC. Even though Rachel didn’t have the STARS, she had a lot of friends that also moved to California from New York, Zac and Jackson being a few.

A new song blasted through the speakers of the dimly lit club, and Rachel couldn’t deny the temptation to dance. She tipped back her head, and gulped the remaining amount of alcohol in her glass. She shook out her curls once more, and grabbed her clutch, then strutted one heel at a time to join the rest of the people dancing.


Hey Girls,

I’m really sad to say that this is an almost-quitting post, I will occasionally wright when I feel like it. I hope that you can all stay subscribed if I do decide to start posting regularly again, writing as Rachel has been a great experience and probably my favorite blog to have run so far.

Thanks to all my loyal followers, and people that still occasionally comment, but mostly thanks so much for 5,ooo views!


Rachel Woodlands.

Two can play at that game.

“Do you have this in navy blue?” Rachel asked the sales lady, eyeing a cute pair of pumps that she knew Sadie would love. Adjusting the rest of the shopping bags hanging on her arm, Rachel turned to Jackson who was being quite the trooper after accompanying her on her Christmas shopping spree. After freshman year, and the extremely awkward kiss between them, that later led to Rachel and Zac’s breakup. Rachel realized just how much she liked Jackson Pierce, as a friend. Two years later and their friendship was still going strong, she could honestly say that other than the STARS, Jackson was one of  her closest friends.

“You know,” Jackson began, “there’s a such thing as shopping online.” Rachel rolled her eyes, her cherry tinted lips formed into a smile as she swatted him on the arm. “But this is so much more fun,” she said, while grabbing the pumps and taking them to the cashier. Rachel and Jackson had just gotten out of a three hour company rehearsal, and she knew he was exhausted. “You can go,” she sighed, “I’ve got it from here.”

“No way, I wouldn’t leave you to fend for yourself.” He answered, a devilish grin on his face.

“I’m your only ride, aren’t I?” Rachel asked, laughing.

“You know me to well,” He chuckled, “my Audi’s in the shop.”


“Everyone,” Rachel called, while entering the STARS shared dorm, “I need you to cover your eyes.” She ran through the living room, and into her bedroom, quickly stuffing all of the presents under her bed. “What if I refuse?” Taylor said waltzing into her room, and flopping down on Serena’s bed, and began to flip through an older version of Teen Vogue. Rachel smiled and climbed on her bed to face Taylor, she pulled out her phone and began to browse through Instigram.

“Hey cuties,” Serena said, entering the room, while unpinning her ballet bun. She shook out her wavy blond hair, and sat down on the edge of Rachel’s bed. “So what happened with Nutcracker casting?” Rachel asked, biting her lip, she didn’t want to make it awkward if Serena hadn’t gotten Clara, which would have been very unlikely. Serena sighed, and put her head in her hands, “I got the part.” Taylor looked up from her magazine, and examined S, “Isn’t this the part where we all jump up and down, and congratulate you?”

“Ugh, I want to be happy, but I can’t when I know how much Bella wanted the part,” Serena huffed. Rachel rolled her eyes, and turned to Serena, “S, ballet is competitive, Bella just needs to learn that, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a part to spare her feelings.” In all honesty Rachel didn’t care to much for Bella, but then again she didn’t care much for anyone besides her friends, family, and occasionally Collin, these days. “Yeah, I guess your right..” Serena trailed off.

“Rach, are you and Collin off again?” Taylor asked, peering at her phone.

“Kind of, I don’t really know, he think’s I’ve got a thing for my boss,” she replied.

“That’s interesting,” Taylor said slowly  “I think he has a thing for his boss.”

✌ http://anchorrrrr.tumblr.com ✌

She tossed her phone to Rachel, one of Karmen Santorini’s Intigram photos was on the screen, it was her sitting on Collin’s lap at what looked like that party Rachel had to miss last week because she had been sick. Karmen was the manager at a local sushi bar that Collin just recently started working at, Rachel had seen her throwing herself at him countless times, not caring about Rachel’s presence. “She’s such a flirt,” Serena said softly, “she probably forced him to take the picture.”

“Well he sure does seem to be enjoying it,” Rachel said, studying Collin’s tight hold on her. She handed Taylor back her phone, then rolled over on her back to look at the ceiling. Why Collin? She asked herself, why out of all the guys that had asked her out after her brake up with Zac, had she chosen Collin. Rachel couldn’t tell if it was because Collin was so different from Zac, or because she was generally attracted to him. Collin seemed to take the whole commitment aspect of their relationship as if it were optional, which she had firmly stated that it was not.

“What are you gonna do Rach?” Taylor asked.

“Two can play at that game, Tay,” she answered, “I’m just going to give him a taste of his own medicine.”


Hey Dolls,

So I’m just going to add a little disclaimer here that Rachel’s character is older now, and I guess it means there might be more mature content, nothing extreme though. I’m mostly just talking about her boy troubles, and just her attitude towards Collin.

I hope your all having a good Christmas break!


Rachel Grace Woodlands


Stressed, depressed, but well dressed.

“Dr. Jefferson,” I called tossing my chocolate curls over my shoulder, “I have the MRI’s for your last patient.” Dr. Kyle Jefferson recently graduated from Stanford medical school, and moved to New York to work at a private practice. He was incredibly smart, witty, and handsome, and I just couldn’t help that every time I saw him I lit up, like a little girl with a huge crush.  “Thanks Rachel,” he said flashing me a smile, “Isn’t your shift over?”

“Um, yeah but I figured I should give this to you right away, no use making the patients wait, right?” I glanced up at him, praying that my cheeks weren’t the same color as my bright red, Burberry coat. “Very right, your thinking like a doctor Rachel, I like it.” He gave me a light tap on the back, took the folder from my hands, and continued walking down the hall. “So cute,” I heard one of the nurses whisper, while also staring at him as he walked away. “I’ll say,” I said, while grabbing my bags from my desk and heading towards my car.

Thumbing in my pass code to my phone, I texted Rory that I was leaving now for the studio, and would make it in time for our pre-performance of  Mid Summer’s night dream. “Hey beautiful,” came a voice from behind me. I whirled around to find Collin leaning back on his black Tesla, I smiled trying to hide my still almost-blushing cheeks. “Hey babe, what’re you doing here?” I asked walking up and giving him a kiss on his cheek.

“I was coming to surprise you, so who’s that guy you were talking to?”

“Oh just a doctor, why?” I asked, Collin was my boyfriend, but he wasn’t my bodyguard. Besides, he was the first boy I had truly started to date since Zac, and for some reason that made me feel like this relationship wouldn’t last. However, I wasn’t above giving it a try.

“Seemed like an interesting conversation,” he scoffed.

“It was,” I retorted, my eyes narrowing, “jealousy is an ugly trait Collin.”

I turned away from him, and got into my car, not bothering to look back as I drove away.

fun way to share space

“Ugh,” Sadie groaned, she sat snuggled up on my bed with a large white blanket thrown around her. “I have a massive headache, can someone turn the dehumidifier on? I think I’m stuffy.”

“Sadie, do you have a cold or something? You look like a huge polar bear,” Serena giggled to the left of me, I snorted and turned over on my side. I glanced at Taylor who rolled her eyes and laughed, as she reached over and plugged it in. “I know what you mean, horseback riding has been kicking my butt lately.” I nodded in agreement, with all that had been going on I had to hire one of the freshman to take care of Nature while I was busy with dance, school, and my internship. “The show was awesome though,” Rory said, pursing her lips then shooting us all a ‘We did it’ smile.

Stretching out on the side I had taken on Serena’s bed, I pointed and flexed my dark red ‘Leading Lady’ by Essie painted toes. The show had been amazing, just like every show we were apart of, but the performance high had subsided. Now all that was left was extreme pain, and a group of  stressed out dancers, who were also trying to keep up their 4.0’s.

Twisting a lock of my chocolate brown hair around my finger, I thought back to the time where all the STARS ever did was socialize, and party. “We should do something to just, like, take some time off to ourselves,” I said rolling back over to face my friends.

“Oooh that sounds fun,” Serena smiled, her eyes gleaming.

“What about a bonfire? The woods next to the stables would be perfect, we could bring blankets and cozy chairs,” Taylor suggested. We all looked to Rory who was tapping her finger against her chin, obviously thinking it over. “Alright, let’s get planning!” She answered.


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Rachel Grace Woodlands

You could make a wish, or you could make it happen.

Hey Girls,

Currently I am sitting at a vacant table at Starbucks, waiting to meet up with the rest of the STARS. I’m wearing a denim shirt, with leggings, and my new LL Bean ankle boots. My hair is in a long french braid down my back, and my nails are painted a dark maroon color called Wicked by Essie.

A hug in a cup!

Clutching tightly to my cup of hot chai tea, I dashed through the Waverly courtyard my caramel colored curls bouncing as I ran. “Woodlands is on a mission!” A random guy from the Football team yelled, while leaning back on a tree, obviously not caring if he was late to class. I missed that luxury a lot, but now that I had devoted my entire senior year to focusing on my future, free time seemed as rare as Serena getting a pimple. My first period was actually considered a free period, but I had applied for an internship at a doctors office near the Waverly campus, and seeing as today was my first day, I was sure to make an impression by being late.

As soon as I got to my silver Mercedes I dumped all my stuff in the back, and jumped into the front seat. It wasn’t until I had put the car in reverse that I noticed Collin sitting in the front seat, I slammed on my breaks and screamed. “What the hell Coll,” I said swatting him on the arm, “you almost scared me to death!” He laughed, grabbing my arm and pulled me towards him, planting a long, nice, kiss on my lips. When I noticed myself getting a little to caught up in it, I pushed him off remembering that I had less than fifteen minutes to get to my internship.

“Go,” I smiled, pushing him towards the door, “I can’t be late.”

“Such a tease,” he chuckled, giving me one last kiss then opening the passenger door.

An hour later I pulled back into the campus parking lot, now late for yet another important first-day affair, my first competition team rehearsal. Grabbing my dance bag from my trunk, I sprinted for the dance studio while pulling my hair into a bun. “Your late,” Sadie whispered, when she saw me come through the door. “I know, I know,” I said biting my bottom lip and dashing for the dressing room. After squeezing into my leotard and tights in record time, I slipped into Studio B and took a spot right behind Taylor.

“Ah, Rachel, glad you could join us,” Cassie, the new choreographer said, a smug smile on her face. I knew she didn’t like me from the moment she had been hired, there’s always competition between dancers, even if its teacher vs. student. Cassie Wright was a polished, professional dancer for many touring companies around the country, she was 5’8, with extremely long legs, and sadly shared many of the same features as me. From  the long brown hair, to the high cheek bones, and ocean colored eyes. Ever since my first big break into the competition dance world, back when I won a national title my freshman year, people had been calling me the next Cassie Wright.

“Sorry,” I breathed, “I had-“

“I don’t want to hear your excuses,” she huffed, “get out of my class and come back tomorrow on time.”

I looked at her incredulously, could this woman be so threatened by my talent that she didn’t want to teach me? Ignoring the stares from all the other students in the room, I marched up to her trying to put on the bravest face I had. “Miss Wright, I’m here to learn, not to be picked on because of my talent,” I whispered, staring her straight in the eyes. A look of astonishment went across her face, “get back in your spot,” she hissed, “and never show up late again.” Turning back around I shot the STARS a victory smile, and they all gave me fake applause as I took my spot next to Taylor.

Senior year should be quite interesting.

Hey Dolls,

Hope you liked  my first official post of the new  Waverly Academy school year, I can’t wait to back on track with my old posting schedule. Just a quick update on the Rachel’s life: She’s in an on-and-off again relationship with Collin, and at the moment Zac is not in the picture. Please give me some feedback on this, do you guys think Rachel should move on from Zac? Or that she should get back together with him? 

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Rachel Grace Woodlands.

Summer Nights, City Lights.

While adjusting the strap of my tan Tory Burch sandals, I glanced around my practically vacant home. My parents were spending the weekend in the Hamptons, Ava was at a friends house, and I was all alone, unless you counted Alaska as company. Which I do. Grabbing one of my chocolate brown curls, I twisted it around my finger while trying my best to figure out how to spend my day.

Shopping? I suggested to myself, but quickly squashed it since I have over forty shopping bags sitting in my room from my recent trip to Australia. I would spend the day at Momentum, and get in some extra dancing hours, but I knew that I felt to lazy to do that today. Then it hit me, the sudden rush of partying-withdrawal. My life had been so hectic the last few months, the party animal in me had taken a hiatus. But it was back, and excited as ever.

I skipped to my dads office and sat down in front of his computer, it took a while but after a few try’s I figured out his email password. Having a dad that worked with celebrities really came in handy in these situations, he was constantly invited to ritzy parties with A-listers. I browsed his inbox until I found an email from a potential party-thrower.

Dear Mr. Woodlands, 

On behalf of Karmen Prescott, owner and chief executive of Barneys. We would like to invite you and your wife to the exclusive Black and Gold Ball in honor of 90 years of Barneys. 

Location: The Palace Hotel.

Time & Date: 8:00 PM On August 9th

“Perfect,” I whispered, there was no doubt that there would be a teenage section for the party. Students from Sacred Heart, OCD, and RCD were bound to be there. While trotting up to my room I dialed Zac’s number. “Hey Rach,” He greeted, I could tell he was smiling by the way he said my name. “Up for some fun tonight?” I asked while opening the door to my room, ignoring the new clothing bags scattered around my navy blue bedroom, I went straight for the dress in the back of my closet that I was saving for something special.

“I might be interested,” he laughed, “what did you have in mind?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” I smiled, “look just meet me at the Palace Hotel at eight. Oh, and wear your Armani tux, love ya babe.” I pressed the end call button, then pushed my phone back into my pocket. Tonight would be a night to remember.

I spotted Zac saunter into the hotel lobby, he shot me a cocky smile. With his perfectly fitted tux, and bright brown eyes he looked like a much taller, better looking Taylor Lautner. When he finally reached me he slipped his arm around my waist pulling me close to him, I let my head fall onto his shoulder and breathed in the scent of his cologne. “You look beautiful,” he whispered into my hair. “Your not so bad yourself,” I smiled, slipping my hand in his. I turned and led him into the teen ballroom, lights were flashing everywhere and you couldn’t hear much over the pounding sound of music. But  none of that mattered, because all I wanted to do was dance.

Pulling Zac onto the dance floor I slipped my hands around his shoulders, and turned to face him. “So, I’m not trying to be a buzz kill,” he said hesitantly, “but shouldn’t we talk about how we haven’t exactly been talking?” All the excitement and exhilaration I had been feeling came to a screeching halt, I just wanted to party, why did he have to bring this up now? “Zac,” I sighed, “not now, please.” I felt him stiffen, he frowned and looked away. “It’s never a good time for you, Rachel,” he said through gritted teeth. I pulled my hands back and turned to stare at him, I couldn’t believe he was bringing this up in the middle of the dance floor.

Without thinking, I whirled around and headed for the door, not listening to him call my name behind me. As soon as I stepped outside I turned to find him right at my heels. “Why are you being like this, Rach?” He asked gently grabbing my arm, I turned away from him. I could feel the secret I had been hiding from my friends, and Zac start to inch it’s way up my throat. “I did something,” I whispered, my eyes starting to tear up. “It’s okay Rach you can tell me anything,” he said turning me to face him. “But that’s just it Zac, I can’t,” I croaked. This would gut him and I knew it. “Rachel, please,” He said, I could see pain in his eyes.

“There’s this guy,” I said my voice cracking, “and he is constantly flirting with me and-“

“A ton of guys flirt with you Rach, that’s no big deal.” He said, heaving a sigh of relief.

“No Zac this is a big deal, because-“

“Because why?”

“Because he kissed me,” I yelled, “and I kissed him back.”


Hey Dolls,

So I’m very sorry to leave you on such a cliff hanger here but I had to do it.

I will mention the winners of the monthly prizes from my last post in my next post! I’m really sorry but I’ve had no time to pick anyone yet, and my life has been extremely busy. But don’t worry I will be back on my regular posting schedule very soon!

Six comments for my next post please (:

Hope you all have a great day!


Rachel Woodlands

Surf Your Troubles Away.


I let my head fall against the airplane window, glancing down at the water bellow trying not to be sick. It was no secret that I hated flying, yet I forced myself on a plane almost every other week. Waverly let out about two weeks ago and all of the STARS parted ways for the summer, despite our usual close bond I think we could all tell something was off, and that we needed time apart. I had kept my mouth shut about my secret crush on Jackson, not being able to talk to the STARS about it was killing me, but it felt like we were all growing slightly apart. So after a week of avoiding everyone and being miserable, I decided to ask my parents if we could move our annual family vacation to Australia up a few weeks.

“Rach cake, you feeling ok?” My dad asked, from the other side of our family jet. I gave him a small smile and nodded, “I just feel a little nauseous.” Ava shot me a weird look that hinted that she knew something was up, I quickly looked away and decided to check my phone. I typed in the number of a few old friends that still live on the gold coast, I instantly got a reply from my former best friend Molly.

Molly Goldhart: So happy your back for the summer, Rach! Give me a call we can all meet up at the beach. xx

Rachel Woodlands: Sure thing, I’m landing in an hour how about say 4-ish? 

Molly Goldhart: Sounds good, see ya there!


As I walked up to the beach, lugging my favorite turquoise and orange surfboard I spotted a familiar group of people standing around the volley ball net. When they turned to see me, within seconds I was swept up in a sea of hugs. All of my old childhood friends were there, Molly, my friends Liam and Alec who were twins, and my other really good friend Justine. “How ya been, Rach?” Liam asked picking up my surf board and carrying it to where the others had put theirs. “Um great,” I smiled linking arms with Molly and Justine as we walked towards the beach chairs set out.

“Just good?” Molly questioned, eying me. “I see your Instigram posts, Rachel. I know you have a american cutie on your hands!” Justine giggled. “TMI guys,” Alec joked rolling his eyes a little. I just laughed along, and took a seat on a chair. “Let’s not talk about America, just for the moment please, the Gold Coast is my safe haven,” I sighed. “Very well then, let’s surf!” Liam yelled grabbing his board and running for the water. “My thoughts exactly,” I laughed, grabbing mine and running to catch up with Molly.

I was so thank full I had such relaxed friends, that didn’t push me. Coming to Australia and getting to hang out with them was just what I needed to help me forget all the troubles waiting for me back in New York.

I was just about to turn the lights off and go to bed in my spacious bedroom, at my families Australian home when Ava walked into the room. “You should probably call the STARS,” She reminded me for the fifth time today. I whipped around and glared at her, my sister and I hardly fought but her constant nagging made my blood boil. “Ava! You need to chill, why are you so obsessed with my social life?” I snapped. She narrowed her eyes and pulled out her cell phone and tossed it to me, it was texts from all of her friends talking about the showdown with Rory and Kara, when Kara threw her drink all over Rory publicly humiliating her. “Everyone is still talking about this?” I asked, closing my eyes in frustration. Ava nodded, “And apparently the Terribles are trashing the STARS all over the internet.”

I sat up and let my head fall in between my knees, this was just to much to deal with, I went on vacation to get away from all the drama but it just seems to follow. “I’ll call them tomorrow, I’m to tired tonight.” And with that I shut the lights off and sent Ava out of the room, I needed to catch up on some much needed sleep.


Hey Dolls,

How do you guys like the new makeover?

Also, I’m no longer using Phoebe Tonkin as a Face Claim, I’ve switched to Anna Speckhart, but I still have a claim on Jessica Green.

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Rachel Woodlands

From Left to right: Molly, me, and Justine.